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WinHIIP tutorial (recording ps2 hard disk game)

WinHIIP is mainly used to format the hard disk to ps2 format, add or delete game images to the hard disk. 1、Prepare a computer,download WinHIIP software and install. 2、Connect the hard drive to the computer. 3、Open the software,click the “Select Drive” button and select the ps2 hard disk.Click the “Add image” button to add a […]

OSSC Display Compatibility

monitors, PVMs or via scalers etc). Hopefully this will increase the speed at which info is gathered on TV brands/models which are suitable, without Marqs & Bucko constantly having to monitor things to update the official compatibility google sheet . WHAT TO REPORT:Please include at minimum*complete TV model info*whether linetriple (Lx3) works*if tested, whether 60Hz SNES/SFC/NES-RGB works (see further […]