N64RGB Installation Guide

Tools required:

Phillips Screwdriver

4.5mm Game Security Bit

Four electronic wires

A piece of insulating tape

N64 RGB mod

Step 1

Using a 4.5mm game security bit, remove the 6 screws from the bottom of the


Step 2

Begin disassembly by removing the jumper/expansion pak from the N64 and remove the top half of the N64 shell.

Step 3

Remove the 14 phillips screws that secure the N64 PCB and remove the PCB.

 Step 4

Place the N64RGB mod over the multi-out pins and solder into position.

 Step 5

If using supplied ribbon cable. Bend ribbon cable at a 90° angle and remove the

excess. Solder into position. R10 = Blue, R9 = Green, and R8 = Red.

Step 6

Early N64’s drive and buffer C-Sync to the multi-out. If Q1, R16, R15, and C109

are present and you have an appropriate C-Sync cable, The installation can be completed directly, skip the following steps.

Step 7

For N64’s with the C-Sync circuitry missing, Solder into position,R16=CS

Step 8

bend up the metal flap of the bottom RF shield in order to prevent shorting

The installation steps are over, please assemble and test