Psx snac adapter configuration tutorial

Step 1

Download the latest mister psx core(

Step 2

Copy psx core to root directory of mister sd card

Step 3

Create a games/psx folder in the root directory of the sd card,Copy the game files and playstation bios file to this folder.

NOTE:Rename your playstation bios file (e.g. scph-1001.bin/ps-22a.bin ) and place it in the ./games/PSX/ folder.

boot.rom  => US BIOS
boot1.rom => JP BIOS
boot2.rom => EU BIOS

BIOS download address:

Step 4

Put the SD card into the DE10-nano and power it on.Connect a keyboard to your DE10-nano and Select PSX core.

Step 5

Click F12 or ‘OSD’ button on IO motherboard to open the menu.

Step 6

Click the ‘↓’ button on the keyboard,Choose ‘pad1’ ,Click the ‘Enter’ button on the keyboard to select ‘SNAC-port1’.(If you use dual controllers, follow this method to set up ‘Pad2’.)

Step 7

Go back to the first option and click to enter the game directory.

Step 8

Run any game you like, and you can use the original ps1 controller after entering the game.