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一、Required tools 1) Net irrigation software: 2) Playstation 2 host(original network card) 3) PC under the same network 二、Installation net irrigation software 1) Copy the program to ps2 via USB flash drive 2) Eject the USB device from the computer, plug it into the USB socket on the ps2 panel, turn on the PS2 power supply, […]

Ps2 related after-sales customer problem summary

1、Opl runs  a  black screen on the memory card and runs normally on the USB flash drive? Memory card needs to reserve a certain amount of storage space Upgrade the opl version 2、OPL-USB/PS2ESDL game play black screen specific location crashes and other issues to defragment the disk. 3、Xploder HDTV only supports disc games. 4、When the […]