XenoGC GameCube modchip installation

The XenoGC is a popular modchip that allows you to do many things.It can directly boot both game backups and genuine games from any region.It will work on all GameCube models.The chip is fairly easy to install since it only requires soldering six points,no wires require list of things you’ll

Here’s list of things you’ll need  to install the XenoGC modchip into your GameCube.

  • GameCube console
  • Nintendo 4.5mm game bit
  • XenoGC modchip
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Flux

If you aren’t confident in your soldering skills you might also need some wire.You can install the chip into the console using wires instead of directly,which makes it easier to tell if you have a bad connection.

Preparing the GameCube for the modchip

Before you can install the chip you’ll need to take apart your console.I will give you a brief overview.There are four Nintendo 4.5mm screws at the bottom,followed by many regular screws around the base of the inside of the console.

Once all of the screws have been removed,along with the front and back panels,you can lift the drive assembly away from the console’s motherboard. At the bottom of the drive assembly is a metal shield with some smaller screws.Once the screws are removed you can lift away the metal shield to reveal the disc drive controller board.

The drive controller board is what the XenoGC modchip is soldered to.

Installing the XenoGC modchip

Now it’s time to solder the XenoGC modchip to your console.Start by finding where the modchip should be positioned on your board,and then add some flux over where you will be soldering.you should then tin each point with a small amount of solder. The picture above shows the board with flux,and the points tinned.

Now place the XenoGC onto the board,and solder each of the points in the diagram above.You’ll want to heat both the solder blob on the drive controller board, and the XenoGC chip at the same time.You may need to add a small amount of additional solder.Don’t add too much solder or you’ll risk bridging some connections.

When you’ve finished soldering the chip it should look something like the image above.you want solid shiny solder connections.Alternative you can use wire(30 AWG wire) to connect the points on the chip to the points on the board.

Testing the XenoGC installation

Once the chip is installed you’ll want to test it.I recommend putting the console back together,but leaving the top of the console off until you verify it works.There are status lights on the modchip that you can use to see the status of the installation.