Ps2 related after-sales customer problem summary

1、Opl runs  a  black screen on the memory card and runs normally on the USB flash drive?

  • Memory card needs to reserve a certain amount of storage space
  • Upgrade the opl version

2、OPL-USB/PS2ESDL game play black screen specific location crashes and other issues to defragment the disk.

3、Xploder HDTV only supports disc games.

4、When the memory card starts to appear,the LOGO interface loops or freezes.

5、The HDL diskless mode that does not support the built-in hard disk for 7W5/7/9 and 9W models can only be used without USB or SMB.

6、Do not insert the USB flash drive into the CB,or unplug it 10 seconds after the startup,otherwise it will enter the suspended animation state.

7、HDL hard disk can’t defragment the disk .If Winhiip prompts that there is not enough space to record,you can try HDL-DUMP.

8、The screen discoloration that occurs when OPL starts the game can be turned off in the settings.

9、HDL playback CG stuck(not 9whdl) Try to adjust DMA mode,use UDMA0 or adove mode.

10、OPL running game appears white screen check boot file name is correct,to the root directory of the SYSTEM.CNF under the boot file name,if the boot file is in a subdirectory,you need to re-image to adjust the boot file to the root directory,if The startup file is not the standard XXXX_XXX.XX format and needs to be logged.