一、Required tools

1) Net irrigation software:

2) Playstation 2 host(original network card)

3) PC under the same network

二、Installation net irrigation software

1) Copy the program to ps2 via USB flash drive

2) Eject the USB device from the computer, plug it into the USB socket on the ps2 panel, turn on the PS2 power supply, and wait for the PS2 to fully start and then stay on the FMCB interface, select “uLaunchELF”.

3) Click the handle O button and select FileBrowser.

4) Press the up, down, left and right down keys of the handle to the mass, click the handle O key.

5) After pressing the up, down, left and right keys of the handle to the HDLoader Game Installer V0.821, click the handle O to open this folder.

6) Press the up, down, left and right buttons on the handle to HDLGameInstaller.elf, click the handle O button to run the software.

7) After the software runs, it will ask the router for the IP address, please wait. . . .

8) Wait a few seconds, when the IP address appears in the upper right corner of the software, the software has run successfully.

9) Left click on the computer side HDLGManClient.exe, Enter the ip address obtained on ps2 into the pc, then left click on Connect.

10) After the connection is successful, as shown in the figure below.

三、Install game

1) Left click on the PC side Install new game.

2) Left click on the PC side Add Game.

3) Click on Disc image and add the game image.

4) Enter the relevant game title based on the game content and click the ok button.

5) After the determination, start to transfer the game.

6) After the transfer is complete, turn off the ps2 and pc software to enjoy the game.