OSSC Firmware Update Tutorial

If you are the  owner of an OSSC to scale up your retro games on your modern TV, then you like to ensure to keep your firmware of your device up to date to profit from fixes and enhancements which are constantly released.

Preparation tools

  1. OSSC
  2. Remote control for OSSC
  3. Micro SD Card (min. 2gb recommended)
  4. Image writer software for your operating system like

 Windows:  Win32 Disk Imager

Follow the steps

  1. Grab the latest firmware from here:OSSC latest firmware
  2. Install Win32DiskImager software,then Write the downloaded file to the Micro SD Card with the help of your image writer software.After successful programming, a pop-up window will appear.As shown below.
  1. Put the Micro SD card into your OSSC (slot is on the left side of the display).

     4.Switch the OSSC on.

  1. Press “Menu” on the remote control
  1. Press “Down” until the menu says “Settings opt”,then press“OK”.
  1. Press“Down”until the menu says“Fw. update”,then press “OK”.
  1. The screen will display the version number to be updated. Press 1 to confirm the update.
  1. Wait until the OSSC finished to verify and flashes the new image
  2. When it says “Firmware updated” you can switch the OSSC off, wait a few seconds and turn it on again.
  1. The OSSC can now work with the latest firmware.