DCHDMI KIT firmware upgrade tutorial

Connect Network

  1. Open the OSD and go to WiFi Setup.
  2. Enter SSID and Password
  3. Restara to apply changs.
  4. After successful connection´╝îMake sure it says [Connected] instead of [Access point] on the screen.

Update the firmware from the OSD interface

  1. Open the OSD and go to Firmware
  2. Select check and view the firmware version.
  1. Go to Download and download firmware.
  2. Go to Flash and start flashing the firmware.
  1. Click the restart button and complete the update

Update firmware locally

  1. Download the firmware files to your computer or phone.

a) Transitional FPGA firmware:https://dc.i74.de/fw/master/DCxPlus-default.dc

b)  ESP firmware: https://dc.i74.de/esp/master/4MB-firmware.bin

c)  Web console: https://dc.i74.de/esp/master/esp.index.html.gz

  1. Open the OSD and enter the WiFi Setup page.
  2. Make sure it says [Access point] on the screen.
  1. Press Y to reveal passwords,To be able to connect to the DCHDMI access point you will need the information marked red.For web console access you will need the information marked yellow.

      5. Connect your WiFi capable computer (phone) to the DCHDMI access point using:

SSID: Access point SSID Password: Access point password

  1. When connected to DCHDMI AP, use a browser of your choice and enter in the browsers address bar.

SSID: web login username Password: web login userword

The Web console should be displayed and setup mode should be started.

  1. Use the select command and select the previously downloaded Transitional FPGA firmware (DCxPlus-default.dc) from the file chooser.
  1. uploadfpga to upload the file.
  2. Use select again to select the previously downloaded ESP firmware (4MB-firmware.bin).
  3. uploadesp to upload.
  4. Use select once again to select the Web console (esp.index.html.gz) file.
  5. And upload it using uploadindex.
  6. Now use flash to flash/apply all files to your DCHDMI.
  7. resetDCHDMI to restart with the new firmware.